7 Yakiniku restaurants recommended for Omi beef! A selection of popular restaurants!

Introducing recommended yakiniku restaurants where you can eat Omi beef! Omi beef is one of Shiga Prefecture's brand beef, and characterized by its sweet and unique texture. We have carefully selected restaurants that offer delicious Omi beef and all-you-can-eat restaurants for those who want to "enjoy Omi beef to the fullest! If you are interested in trying Omi beef or want to enjoy brand-name beef at a reasonable price, please refer to this article to select a yakiniku restaurant.

[Omi Beef] 7 recommended yakiniku restaurants!

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There are many restaurants where you can taste Omi beef. We have carefully selected a few of them to introduce to you, so please refer to them if you want to taste Omi beef.

1. Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu|All-you-can-eat course of authentic Omi beef【PR】

Provided by: Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu

“Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu” is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Omi beef in an all-you-can-eat course or a la carte. If you want to taste more Omi beef, we recommend the all-you-can-eat course at Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu. Many Omi beef dishes are available!

Since you can enjoy Omi beef to your heart’s content, it is perfect for use as a dining out destination for special occasions, as well as for dinner on a date or after a day of sightseeing.

The interior of the restaurant is a stylish space with down lights creating a chic atmosphere. All customer seats are in private rooms, so you can enjoy a calm and relaxing dinner time.

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Taste Omi beef in a variety of ways

Provided by: Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu

Omi beef is characterized by its fine texture and high quality fat with a low melting point!

At Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu, you can enjoy Omi beef in various ways, such as ribs, shabu-shabu yukke, and meat sushi. This is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy Omi beef to the fullest!

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Omi beef yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu offers a popular all-you-can-eat course for 6,050 yen (tax included).

Provided by: Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu

The popular menu at Omi Beef Yakiniku MAWARI Minami-Kusatsu is the all-you-can-eat course priced at 6,050 yen (tax included). In addition to grilled meats such as halami and tongue, you can also indulge in meat sushi and rare steak yukke! Also, there is a wide variety of rice dishes such as bibimbap and kuppa, and side dishes such as salad and kimchi.

You can enjoy everything from meat to a la carte dishes and desserts, making this a highly satisfying course not to be missed! In addition, there is an all-you-can-drink plan for alcohol and soft drinks, recommended for those who want to enjoy drinks along with meat. Other attractive course menus are also available, so be sure to check them out!

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“Omi beef yakiniku MAWARI Minamikusatsu store”

Address:Shiga Prefecture Aumigyu Yakiniku Minamikusatsuten

2. Omi beef specialty restaurant, Retsuran Matsukiya, main branch|Features low-temperature-aged Omi beef yakiniku

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At “Omi Beef Specialty Restaurant Matsukiya”, you can enjoy low-temperature aged Omi beef. You can enjoy Omi beef in various ways, but there are not many restaurants that are particular about the aging method, so we recommend this restaurant!

You can enjoy special Omi beef that you cannot taste at other restaurants. As a restaurant specializing in Omi beef, we have many attractive menu items, all of which make the most of Omi beef.

“Omi Beef Specialty Restaurant Restaurant Matsukiya Main Branch (Matsukiya)”

Address:14-17 Karahashi-cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Access:Keihan Ishiyama Sakamoto Line Karahashi-mae Station Approximately 0 minute walk from Karahashi-mae Station Exit JR Biwako Line Ishiyama Station Approximately 10 minute walk from Ishiyama Station Exit 1

Business Hours:・Lunch time (Weekdays) / 11:30-14:00 (Final information) Closed at 15:00 ・Lunch time (Saturday and Sunday) / 11:00-14:00 (Final information) 15:00 Closed ・Dinner time / 17:00-20:00 (Last information) Closed at 21:30

3. Restaurant Sennaritei|Omi beef yakiniku and sukiyaki


At Restaurant Sennaritei, you can enjoy Omi beef sukiyaki. Omi beef is delicious enough simply grilled, but we recommend making sukiyaki because you can feel the sweetness of the meat even more.

The flavor of the meat soaks into the vegetables, enhancing the quality of the sukiyaki as a whole. We recommend this dish for those who like sukiyaki and want to taste Omi beef in a slightly different way.

“Restaurant Sennaritei”

Address:120-4 Togacho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture

Access:5 minutes by car or 15 minutes walk from Hikone Minami Station

Business Hours:Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays to Sundays, holidays, and days before holidays: 11:00-15:00 (Cooking LO 14:30) 17:00-22:00 (Cooking LO 20:30)

4. restaurant Tiffany|Omi beef barbecue course


“Restaurant Tiffany” offers a course of Omi beef steaks. Because it is a course, the menu is structured in such a way as to make the Omi beef steak even more delicious.

It is also a point that you can feel a little bit luxurious. Using this restaurant for a special occasion will not only make it an irreplaceable memory, but will also please the person you are visiting with.

Take advantage of this restaurant to make the most of your special day.

“restaurant Tiffany”

Address:Kaneyoshi Yamamoto, 558 Takakai-cho, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture

Access:3 minutes walk from the north exit of Omihachiman Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line

Business Hours:Lunch 11:30-15:00 Dinner 17:00-20:00

5. Omi beef kanekichi|Traditional sukiyaki and yakiniku are recommended.

authority: www.hotpepper.jp

“Omi beef kanekichi” offers traditional sukiyaki and yakiniku. Since its establishment in 1897, the restaurant has always been run with a focus on Omi beef, and its sukiyaki is characterized by the results of skilled techniques and years of research.

The restaurant is not only for daily meals, but also for various other purposes, such as restaurants for sightseeing, celebrations, memorial services, and festive meals. If you are wondering about a restaurant for a special occasion, please visit them.


Address:1-10-18 Baba, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Access:About a 10 minute walk from Zeze Station towards Lake Biwa.

Business Hours:Monday to Friday, days before holidays: 11:30-15:00 (Food LO 14:00 Drink LO 14:30) 17:00-22:00 (Food LO 20:30 Drink LO 21:00) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays : 11:30-22:00 (Food LO 20:30 Drink LO 21:00)

6. Omi beef okaki honten|Yakiniku and roast beef bowl

authority: tabelog.com

“Omi Beef Okaki Honten” features a roast beef bowl. The most common ways to taste Omi beef are yakiniku, steak, and sukiyaki, and roast beef is a rare category.

Omi beef roast beef will have a different texture and sweetness from that of yakiniku. It is also important to note that the cooking method is ingenious in order to take advantage of the quality of the Omi beef ingredients!

“Omi Beef Okaki Honten”

Address:5294 Yamanoue, Ryuo-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture

Access:10 minutes by car from Gamo Smart Interchange/15 minutes by car from Ryuo Interchange

Business Hours:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday, holidays, days before holidays: 11:00-14:30 (Food LO 14:00 Drink LO 14:00) 17:00-20:00 (Food LO 19:30 Drink LO 19:30 )

7. Omi Beef Yakiniku Specialty Restaurant Manyo Yokaichi|You can choose your favorite part of beef.


At Omi Beef Yakiniku Specialty Restaurant Manyo Yokaichi, you can choose your favorite part of Omi beef to taste. Since the taste and texture of Omi beef differ depending on the part, you can feel the depth of Omi beef by comparing them.

Since the restaurant is directly managed by an Omi beef wholesaler, the quality is high and the price is low. Recommended for those who want to taste reasonably priced Omi beef!

“Manyo Yokaichi”

Address:694-6 Myohoji-cho, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture

Let’s enjoy Omi beef yakiniku!

authority: pixta.jp

There are many ways to eat Omi beef. Yakiniku is recommended, but you should also try other ways of eating Omi beef. There are many restaurants other than those introduced here where you can taste Omi beef.

Try visiting a variety of restaurants and find one that offers the Omi beef you like.

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