about aumo

What is aumo?

aumo is an information service for finding the latest information on sightseeing, gourmet, hotels and daily life.

In recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, searching for places to go online has become a common phenomenon. On the other hand, it is difficult to find the information you really want from so much information, and the problem of not being able to find the shops, facilities and places you want to visit is getting worse.

We want to make aumo a media service that helps people find what they really want by providing accurate and easy-to-understand tour information.

aumo’s editorial policy

We write with the user first, with the goal of “making the user’s travel more enjoyable”.

[for trusted content].

The editorial office presents information based on reliable information from official websites and other sources.

In order to improve the transparency of information, we refer to the “Act on the Prevention of Unreasonable Premiums and Misleading Statements”, etc., and use numerical values, proofs, etc. in descriptions.

We have established rules for article writing to ensure that we do not publish unsubstantiated expressions of good and bad, criticism of specific manufacturers, or other socially unacceptable expressions.

The article management system is to conduct a comprehensive check before the article is published by the writer of the editorial department, the director in charge of the article, and a special person independent of the editorial department to provide appropriate information.

After an article is published, it is edited as necessary to ensure that the information is as up-to-date as possible.

[Thinking for readers

We greatly appreciate the cooperation of users who allow us to post comments, photos and other information.

We want to serve our users by providing them with highly original information on their favorite spots and deals that are useful for their daily lives.

Newsroom articles are written and edited by editorial writers who enjoy outings, travel, food and sightseeing, as well as expert ambassadors in their fields.

We provide valuable information to meet the needs of users.

Legal and Policy Check

Articles are checked against the following information to ensure legal compliance, consumer protection, and compliance with the policies of each service site.

We take brand safety very seriously to ensure our users can enjoy our services with peace of mind.

From a consumer protection point of view

Consumer Affairs Agency https://www.caa.go.jp/

National Consumer Affairs Center https://www.kokusen.go.jp/

From the point of view of compliance with laws and regulations

Act Against Unreasonable Premiums and Misleading Representations https://www.caa.go.jp/policies/policy/representation/fair_labeling/

Health Promotion Act https://www.caa.go.jp/policies/policy/representation/

Fair Competition Code https://www.caa.go.jp/policies/policy/representation/fair_labeling/fair_competition_code/

From industry associations and industry guidelines

Japan Affiliate Council https://www.japan-affiliate.org/

Google Advertising Policy https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6008942?hl=ja

Google Guidelines https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/guidelines/overview?hl=ja&ref_topic=9428048&visit_id=637441636985034072-349037771&rd=1

If you have any questions or find any errors in our articles, please contact us here.

About Advertising Revenue

Below is an explanation of our ad.

aumo generates revenue through affiliate services and advertising.

We are participants in the Amazon Affiliate Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn referral fees by promoting and linking to Amazon.co.jp.

We use the Rakuten affiliate program and the Yahoo Shopping (Value Commerce) affiliate program.

We use ASP (Affiliation Service Provider).

When a specific product is promoted through pure advertising (banner, etc.) or article advertising, the product listing will be marked as “PR”.

We do not place the product image corresponding to the ad in the stand-out image without disclosing it to the user.

logistic company

Company Nameaumo, Inc.
Corporate websitehttps://aumo.co.jp
Date of establishmentMarch 8, 2018
capital150 million yen (including capital reserve)
representYosuke Nakamura
PlaceSumitomo Real Estate Shinjuku Central Park Building 13th Floor, 160-0023, 6-18-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
major shareholderGREE, Inc.