[Tochigi] The stylish Scandinavian-style glamping resort “WHITE LAMP”! Introducing the charm of a relaxing stay! PR

"WHITE LAMP," located in Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture, is a stylish glamping resort with a Scandinavian-style design. There are 15 rooms in 7 types, including dome-shaped tent rooms and wooden cabin rooms. All rooms are fully equipped with bath and toilet facilities and a wide variety of wonderful amenities, so even first-time glampers can enjoy a hotel-like stay. Private dining rooms and fire pits are available for a "real resort stay!" Information This service uses affiliate advertising. Courtesy of YUTAKARESORT Co.

“WHITE LAMP” is a stylish Scandinavian-style glamping resort!

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.
Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

“WHITE LAMP” is a stylish glamping resort located in Nasu Highlands, Tochigi Prefecture. WHITE LAMP features a stylish reception lobby, along with buildings and guest room interiors designed in a Scandinavian style.

Rooms are available in popular domed tents and wooden domed cabins, and all rooms are equipped with bathrooms and toilets (*). Guests are treated to hotel-like hospitality, from the course-driven dinners and stylish French-style breakfasts to the amenities.

Guests can choose from popular domed tents and wooden domed cabins, all equipped with bathrooms and toilets .”

This article describes WHITE LAMP’s rooms, facilities, and meals. Get a “real resort stay” where you can enjoy the luxury of “doing nothing”.

\Recommended points for WHITE LAMP (*)/

  • A stylish Scandinavian tent! An “escape from everyday life” that makes you feel like you’re abroad
  • All rooms are fully equipped with baths and toilets and are fully equipped with amenities.
  • Enjoy private dining at the covered BBQ station

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Easy access from metropolitan area! Check out our pick-up and drop-off service!

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

Located in Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture, WHITE LAMP is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area and Tohoku area!It is recommend to visit Nasu Kogen as an extension of your Tokyo trip!

  • [Using the Tohoku Shinkansen] Tokyo Station → Nasushiobara Station Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes by train + approximately 40 minutes by bus
  • [By private car] About 10 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Nasu IC

In addition, free transportation between JR Nasushiobara Station and WHITE LAMP is available for a limited to one group per day(*). Please contact the facility as soon as possible if you wish to have a pick-up service.

*Pick-up and drop-off persons are limited to a maximum of 6 people (including children).

Check access information!

WHITE LAMP rooms are Scandinavian style! Adult holidays in a domed tent

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

All rooms at WHITE LAMP are equipped with a bathroom and separate toilet(*). The interiors are stylishly designed in a Scandinavian style, and the fashionable atmosphere is popular among women. Whether you are new to glamping or seeking luxury glamping, you are sure to have a relaxing stay like never before.

\2 types of guest rooms/

  • dome tent
  • wooden dome cabin

Both are not only stylish and fashionable, but also offer a full range of amenities for women. The air conditioning and heating as well as the bathrooms that can be moved indoors make your stay as comfortable as if you were staying at a hotel!

*Refer to the official WHITE LAMP website.

Shower head and hair dryer from “ReFa” are available! Stylish and convenient facilities

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

All rooms at WHITE LAMP are equipped with air conditioning and heating. All beds are equipped with Serta mattresses with a mothproof function, which are often used in high-class hotels. Shower heads and hair dryers are from the famous “ReFa” brand of beauty appliances. (*)

The guestrooms are equipped with functional facilities similar to those in high-class hotels, making it possible for you to have a trip in which you can face yourself. The amenities are also carefully designed to be gentle to women, such as shampoos made from natural ingredients. The charm of WHITE LAMP is that you can spend every moment spent in the beautiful natural surroundings with a sense of care and attention to detail! Experience the luxury of “doing nothing” for a truly refreshing experience!

\Main facilities and amenities of WHITE LAMP/

internetBoth wireless and wired services are available for free
FacilityHair dryer, refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, electric kettle,
coffee dripper, air conditioner, wood stove
AmenitiesShampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush,
hair turban, cotton, cotton swabs, shaving razor,
towels, nightwear (separate top and bottom),
coffee, tea, mineral water

*Refer to the official WHITE LAMP website

Check out the rooms!

All rooms are equipped with space for bonfires! Relax and watch the flames flicker.

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

At WHITE LAMP, all rooms are equipped with a “fire space”. In addition, there is a “wood stove” in the wooden cabin! Experience the Scandinavian style of “Hygge”, spending precious time with your loved ones while enjoying the flames of the fire and wood stove!

Even those who have stayed away from glamping because they want to “take it easy” will be able to spend relaxing outdoor time in a new way without the preconceived notion that “glamping = camping = active”.

*Open fires and the use of firearms are prohibited in areas other than the campfire space.

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Cheers at the stylish BBQ station! Enjoy Nasu Kogen Wagyu Beef and Fresh Vegetables

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.
Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

At WHITE LAMP, you can enjoy private dining at the covered BBQ station attached to each room. Taste Nasu Kogen Wagyu beef and fresh vegetables, mainly local products, in a special atmosphere.

In particular, be sure to check out the local Nasu Kogen Wagyu beef, Gunji pork (sangenton pork raised in the nature of Nasunogahara), and young chicken carefully selected from all over Japan for its tenderness! Also, the specially selected lamb meat from Hokkaido is attractive to those who do not like lamb, as it does not have any peculiarities.

\You can choose! 2 types of dinner/

  • BBQ course featuring carefully selected Nasu Kogen Wagyu beef
    (sample menu) Ceviche of Yasio trout and seafood, confit of Nasu Gunji pork shoulder loin, bone-in young chicken thigh, fresh vegetables selected at Marche, etc.
  • Beautiful Western-style medicinal hotpot course with Hokkaido lamb meat
    (sample menu) Western-style medicinal hotpot soup (tomato flavor or salted lemon flavor), Hokkaido lamb and fresh vegetables in a shabu-shabu style, and a final risotto made with medicinal soup.

This is the perfect place for a special dinner for couples, as you can enjoy the above luxurious course in a relaxed atmosphere without worrying about other guests. The staff will take care of everything from preparation to cleanup, so there is no need to feel rushed!

Check out the food!

Breakfast is served in a stylish French style!

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

WHITE LAMP offers a stylish French-style breakfast. You can enjoy freshly baked bread, egg dishes using Nasu Imperial Eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Breakfast
    (Example menu) Juice from Yaita apple, colorful vegetable salad, Spanish omelette, Gunji pork leg with bacon, yogurt with cassis sauce, 3 types of bread, etc.

As shown above, the dishes differ from traditional Japanese and Western cuisines, and are elegantly arranged like afternoon tea.. Let’s have an elegant morning in a private dining room with a special atmosphere!

Check out the food!

Relaxing glamping at WHITE LAMP! Spend a relaxing time with your loved ones!

Provided by: YUTAKARESORT Co.

WHITE LAMP boasts numerous attractions, including rooms with a Scandinavian-style natural atmosphere and private dining spaces where you can savor a variety of meats and vegetables.

Spending time by the campfire and the many high-quality amenities will allow you to experience a world of glamping that few people know about yet.

The lawn and grove of trees are the perfect place to spend a quiet and peaceful time. It is recommended for those who want to savor time with loved ones, including stylish women travelers, couples, and families. I want to live carefully even when traveling! Please visit WHITE LAMP if you want to live carefully even when you are traveling!

Click here for the official website


Address:3812-1, Takaku Otsu, Nasu-machi, Nasugun, Tochigi

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