Check out the Kyoto store limited flavor brownie! “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” recommended for souvenirs and gifts PR

This time, we will introduce "Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)" where you can enjoy authentic New York brownies in the city of Kyoto! Check out the store-limited flavor, which is a collaboration between the plump and rich brownies and Japanese flavor. Be sure to visit "Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)", which is loved by both locals and tourists.

Enjoy brownies from New York in Kyoto! “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)”

Offer:Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)

This time, we will introduce “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)”, which is quietly standing in Kitayama, Kyoto. 

This is a brownie specialty store from New York! In addition to the NY head office, the store will open in Daikanyama, Tokyo in 2021.Since its opening in 2016, the Shimogamo store has long been loved by locals and tourists alike.Brownies are a classic home-baked dessert in America. The founder of “Fat Witch Bakery” also started making brownies with a recipe she learned from her own mother. 

(* See “Fat Witch Bakery Japan Official HP”)

basic information

store nameFat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)
address67-6 Shimogamohigashihangicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 606-0824
accessAbout 13 minutes on foot from Kitaoji Station
telephone number075-275-0194
business hours10:00-18:00
Regular holidayMondays (open if Monday is a holiday)
Reservation availabilityReservation possible

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Click here for the official website

Colorful and cute packaging! Sweet and rich authentic brownie

Offer:Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)

Brownies at Fat Witch Bakery are marked by colorfullabels with cute witch illustrations. The package that you can’t help but pick up is perfect as a reward or gift for yourself.The feature is a plump and rich taste with plenty of Ghirardelli chocolate. Following the authentic New York recipe , it is made with time and effort according to the taste and climate of the Japanese people.More than 100 flavors of brownies have been sold so far in the United States and Japan!(*See “Fat Witch Bakery Japan official website”) In addition to chocolate banana and milk caramel, Japanese flavors such as hojicha and white bean paste are also popular.

“Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” is a stylish shop that matches the atmosphere of the city.

“Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” has a calm atmosphere where you can relax and choose your favorite brownies and gifts for your loved ones. While making use of the moist atmosphere unique to this area, the colorful and cute packaging of “Fat Witch Bakery” is a stylish store that shines.Shimogamo has many tourist attractions such as Shimogamo Shrine, a World Heritage Site, and popular power spots. (*Refer to “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto) official website”) It is also a great point that you can stop by and purchase while sightseeing.

Check the detailed information of the shop!

Reservations are also possible! I am glad that I can choose slowly

Offer:Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)

Since the opening of this store, we have placed great importance on the feeling of “hospitality”, and we are creating a store where customers can carefully choose the best brownies face-to-face. You can sample the flavors you are interested in, and they will be happy to give you advice on gifts, so please feel free to ask.Also, since they have a reservation system, there is no need to worry about long lines or running out of goods, so you can consult with the staff and choose your products at your leisure. (Visit without reservation is also possible)

Click here to make a reservation

Check out the great membership system!

Offer:Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)

In addition, this store has a member-only system. 

Once you become a member, you will be able to receive information about the irregular opening days for members and events.This membership system is irresistible for “Fat Witch Bakery” fans. Member registration is 330 yen (tax included). Can be purchased separately as a member benefit. In addition, you can purchase a single brownie at a special price, so it is a great benefit for those who repeat many times.

“Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” limited flavor is also recommended as a souvenir!

Offer:Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)

“Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” sells 5 flavors exclusive to the store! Click here for flavors featuring Kyoto-like Japanese-style ingredients.

  • Miso Baby
  • Matcha azuki beans Baby
  • Black bean Baby
  • Japanese pepper Baby
  • Sesame Baby

The combination of Japanese flavor and New York brownie is a must-try. It’s perfect for Kyoto souvenirs, so please visit the store.

Check out the Japan-only Japanese flavor set!

“Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” sells other attractive brownie sets.Actually, there are many other flavors that are conscious of harmony. 

The highlight is the Japan-only set “WABI.SABI” 2,290 yen (tax included). It seems that this is a popular item that is on par with the most popular set “BASICS” at “Fat Witch Bakery Japan”. Among the special Japanese flavors, the ones that are popular with customers are the “brown sugar baby” and “white bean baby” flavors.The lineup is as follows.

  • Matcha Baby(Green tea Baby)
  • Hojicha Baby(Roasted green tea Baby)
  • Shiroan Baby(White bean paste Baby)
  • Hachimitsu Baby(Honey Baby)
  • Kokuto Baby(Brown sugar Baby)
  • Kinako Baby(Roasted soybean flour Baby)

If you like Japanese flavors, please try this too.

See the set of “WABI.SABI”

All the flavors available at “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)”!

At “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)”, customers can enjoy a total of 18 different flavors of brownies!


Fat Witch Baby

The original Fat Witch flavor. When in doubt, this is the one!

Double chocolate Baby

This popular flavor, filled with chocolate chips, is a classic among Fat Witch’s brownies, just like the original!

Snow Baby

White brownie made with white chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, this brownie is for you!

Blonde Baby

A light cake with chocolate chips in the cake batter. The only one that is not a brownie but a blondie.

Walnut Baby

The combination of roasted walnuts and chocolate makes this brownie a New York classic that you can’t go wrong with.

Red Baby

A mature taste with dried cherries sprinkled on top. The tartness of the brownie will please even those who do not like sweets.


Matcha Baby(Green tea Baby)

This brownie is from Japan but is also very popular in New York. The sweetness of the white chocolate complements the rich matcha green tea.

Houjicha Baby(Roasted green tea Baby)

Made with richly flavored and aromatic hojicha tea. These brownies go well with Japanese tea, black tea, and coffee.

Kokuto Baby(Brown sugar Baby)

Japanese original with a brown sugar aftertaste. It has a nostalgic taste that is familiar to Japanese people.

Hachimitsu Baby(Honey Baby)

You can feel the juiciness of the honey. This brownie is the sweetest of all Fat Witch brownies.

Kinako Baby(Soybean flour Baby)

The soybean flour flavor is gentle to the palate. This Japanese brownie is loved by all generations.

Shiroan Baby(White bean paste Baby)

White chocolate and red bean paste match! The texture of the red bean paste is different from other brownies.


Cacao Baby

The brownie is blended with bittersweet cacao nibs and coffee flavor for a fun texture.

Milk Caramel Baby

Crunchy little caramel chips are kneaded into the batter and baked. A nostalgic piece.

Strawberry Baby

The sweetness, tartness and aroma of fresh strawberries are expressed by using a generous amount of freeze-dried strawberries.

Chocolate Banana Baby

The moderately ripe bananas are kneaded into the batter to recreate the world’s favorite chocolate banana in a brownie.

Earl Grey Baby

Sri Lankan Earl Grey tea leaves are richly kneaded to create an aromatic taste like freshly brewed black tea.

Yuzu Baby(Japanese citrus Baby)

Japanese brownie with a lot of fresh and fragrant yuzu peel kneaded into it. The owner of the New York store is also in love with this confident product.

*Yuzu is a citrus fruit classified in the tangerine family. It is used in a variety of dishes with its unique fresh aroma and strong acidity.

Meet your favorite brownies at “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)”!

Offer:Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)

This time, we introduced “Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)” and popular products in detail.The time to choose your favorite brownie while looking at the colorful packaging at the shop is just bliss. Please try to taste the plump, rich and addictive brownie!

“Fat Witch Bakery Shimogamo (Kyoto)”

Address:67-6 Shimogamo Higashihankicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

business hours:Tue 10:00~18:00 Wed 10:00~18:00 Thu 10:00~18:00 Fri 10:00~18:00 Sat 10:00~18:00 Sun 10:00~18:00 Holidays 10:00-18:00 Hours 10:00-18:00

Regular holiday:Monday

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