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[2023] 22 recommended Afternoon Tea in Tokyo! Introducing hotels and cafes

There are many hotels and cafes in Tokyo where you can enjoy the popular afternoon tea. Among them, we introdu […]

2023/06/14  aumoeditorial department

14 recommended hotels for traveling with children in Okinawa! Introducing tips for choosing a cheap hotel with a pool

We introduce recommended hotels in Okinawa for families! We have picked up great deals on hotels with indoor p […]

2023/06/13  aumoeditorial department

12 stylish hotels in Fukuoka! Recommended for girls-only gatherings and couples

Introducing 12 stylish hotels in Fukuoka! Focusing on popular spots such as Hakata, Tenjin, and Itoshima, […]

2023/06/13  aumoeditorial department

15 popular stylish hotels in Kyoto! Recommended for couples and girls’ trips

[2023] There are many fashionable hotels in Kyoto that are perfect for holidays. We will introduce 15 sty […]

2023/06/13  aumoeditorial department

[2023] 15 spots recommended for domestic travel for two days and one night! Check out popular tourist attractions

Here are 15 recommended spots for a two-day, one-night trip in Japan, offering a range of attractive tourist d […]

2023/06/13  aumoeditorial department

13 recommended domestic trips for 2 days and 1 night that can be reached from Kanto! Carefully selected spots perfect for a short trip on the weekend

This time, we will introduce recommended sightseeing spots for domestic travel that you can enjoy from Kanto in 2 days and 1 night! There are many sightseeing spots that are easily accessible from Tokyo and where you can easily enjoy a trip for two days and one night. When living a busy life, people often desire to enjoy a fulfilling mini trip in Japan even with limited time, such as weekends and short holidays. hese destinations are a must-see for those who want to spend a comfortable time away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

2023/06/13  aumoeditorial department

[Kinshicho] Accommodation type restaurant “THE skM TOKYO HOTEL & DINING” Luxury stay where you can enjoy meals in your room

In a space just for you and your loved one, enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying conversation, watching TV, listening to your favorite music, or gazing at the night view... It's a wonderful time to be able to immerse yourself in your own time without worrying about the eyes around you when eating. "THE skM TOKYO HOTEL&DINING" where you can enjoy such a special time. Why don't you experience an elegant hotel stay where you can have dinner and breakfast in your room?

2023/05/29  aumoeditorial department

Right now, there are nights when I want to be “just the two of us”. Kinshicho x Private room dinner date recommendation

This time, we will introduce "Ryuduki", which is located about 3 minutes on foot from Kinshicho South Exit. For those seeking quality time together, a private room with a luxurious and captivating ambiance is a must.

2023/05/29  aumoeditorial department

[Kinshicho x Date]  Discover a renowned dining establishment in Kinshicho perfect for adult dates.『RYUDUKI TEPPAN』

This time, we will introduce restaurants that are perfect for dinner on a date in Kinshicho. ーWhat do you imagine for a date in Kinshicho, a city for adults? Here, "RYUDUKI TEPPAN" is a shop with a perfect "nice" presentation suitable for such an adult date. Check out the taste of teppanyaki, of course, and the "adult night" that doesn't cut corners on the details.

2023/05/29  aumoeditorial department

[Kinshicho x Date] Must-try “Tsurekomi sushi restaurant”,”Ryutsuki SUSHI”

This time, we would like to introduce you to the sushi restaurant "Ryugetsu SUSHI" in Kinshicho. A counter-only sushi restaurant should be avoided by all means on an adult date. This time, we will thoroughly dissect the charm of "Ryutsuki SUSHI", not just the taste. We will introduce you to a sweet night spent in Kinshicho.

2023/05/29  aumoeditorial department

[Kinshicho] An Italian restaurant where women take center stage, perfect for bringing your loved ones.

This time, we will introduce the Italian restaurant "REGINA", also known as "Wine & Dining REGINA", located in Kinshicho. Here at "REGINA" there are various types of seats, and it is said that there is no end to the number of people who use it for dates because of the presentation, world view, and taste of the food.

2023/05/29  aumoeditorial department

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