Discover Japan’s Hidden Havens: 8 Secluded Hotels Amidst Nature

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Improve your luck while climbing! A city with a variety of local gourmet food to the oasis Mt. Takao

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[BLISSTIA Hakone Sengokuhara] Enjoy a relaxing stay in the diverse and attractive Sengokuhara area of Hakone【PR】

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Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki is perfect for sightseeing! Trip to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and Kawasaki Daishi【PR】

Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki" is located adjacent to JR Kawasaki Station, offering easy access to the Yokohama and Tokyo areas and a convenient location for sightseeing. This article introduces "Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise," "Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum of Art," and "Kawasaki Daishi," sightseeing spots that can be reached from Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki in about 20 minutes to an hour! It will be a wonderful trip where you can meet cute sea creatures, brush up your senses by experiencing art, and enjoy elegant walks and tasting Japanese sweets.

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A Comfortable one-day trip! A relaxing trip at “Takayama Green Hotel” with endless fascinating attractions

Takayama Green Hotel" is accessible in 6 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Station. The hotel has a garden view open-air bath where you can relax and feel nature up close, and a variety of guest rooms to choose from in the main and annex buildings, and is recommended for those who want to spend a relaxing time! This article introduces the attractive features of Takayama Green Hotel, which we recommend for any occasion, including family trips, couples trips, and day trips.

2024/05/29  aumoeditorial department

Staff’s recommendation! 5 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots Easily Accessible from Hotels

"Cherry blossom viewing is said to have started about 1200 years ago, during the Heian period. In recent years, as a special event to learn about Japanese culture while admiring cherry blossoms in full bloom, it has been drowing attention from foreign tourists. This time, we will show cherry blossom viewing spots easily accessible from hotels. All of these places are special places that we highly recommend. All 5 cherry blossom viewing spots can be accessed door to door within 30 minutes from hotels. The bonus segment ""Sankeien Garden"" takes approximately 60 minutes."

2024/05/29  aumoeditorial department

7 Yakiniku restaurants recommended for Omi beef! A selection of popular restaurants!

Introducing recommended yakiniku restaurants where you can eat Omi beef! Omi beef is one of Shiga Prefecture's brand beef, and characterized by its sweet and unique texture. We have carefully selected restaurants that offer delicious Omi beef and all-you-can-eat restaurants for those who want to "enjoy Omi beef to the fullest! If you are interested in trying Omi beef or want to enjoy brand-name beef at a reasonable price, please refer to this article to select a yakiniku restaurant.

2024/04/26  aumoeditorial department

Leading traditional industries in Kyoto | Interview with young female craftsmen [Vol.2]

The second installment of interviews with craftsmens who support traditional culture. Today, March 20th, the v […]

2024/04/14  aumoeditorial department

Leading traditional industries in Kyoto | Interview with young female craftsmen [Vol.1]

Craftsmen who support Japanese traditional culture. Although the industry is suffering from a lack of successo […]

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[Yamaguchi Prefecture] 10 inns and sightseeing spots where you can experience history! Picking out areas that are irresistible for history buffs

We will introduce tourist spots in Yamaguchi Prefecture where you can experience history. We've picked out areas you'll want to visit if you're a history buff, where you can explore existing historical buildings and the footprints left behind by figures who were active at the end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration. When visiting Yamaguchi Prefecture, please refer to this article and visit tourist spots where you can experience history. Information This service uses affiliate advertising.

2024/04/09  aumoeditorial department

Introducing “FAMY INN Makuhari”, a hotel recommended for sightseeing and business in Tokyo!

"Family Inn Makuhari" is a business hotel located at JR Makuharihongo Station in Chiba Prefecture. It has good access to spots such as Tokyo Station, Narita Airport, and Tokyo Disney Resort®, making it perfect not only for business travelers but also for those who want to enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo! It is also recommended for people coming to Japan from overseas, as they can advise on tourist information and access, and staff who can speak English and Chinese are always on hand. Family Inn Makuhari also has attractive facilities, so if you are planning to find a base for sightseeing or business in Tokyo, please check it out! Information This service uses affiliate advertising. Provided by: Family Inn Makuhari

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[Experience report] Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi are right in front of you! Enjoy the spectacular view of the sky with a helicopter tour

Hakone is a tourist destination that boasts beautiful scenery. If you want to fully enjoy its charm, we recommend a “helicopter tour”! Helicopter tours provided by Toho Airways are a great activity that is easy, affordable, and offers spectacular views. In this article, we will explain in detail the appeal of such helicopter tours, and report on the experiences of families who actually experienced them. Information This service uses affiliate advertising. Provided by: Toho Airlines Co., Ltd.

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[Tochigi] The stylish Scandinavian-style glamping resort “WHITE LAMP”! Introducing the charm of a relaxing stay! PR

"WHITE LAMP," located in Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture, is a stylish glamping resort with a Scandinavian-style design. There are 15 rooms in 7 types, including dome-shaped tent rooms and wooden cabin rooms. All rooms are fully equipped with bath and toilet facilities and a wide variety of wonderful amenities, so even first-time glampers can enjoy a hotel-like stay. Private dining rooms and fire pits are available for a "real resort stay!" Information This service uses affiliate advertising. Courtesy of YUTAKARESORT Co.

2023/11/14  aumoeditorial department

[Beppu] “AMANE RESORT GAHAMA” has been renewed! Introducing the charms of an elegant resort stay! PR

Experience the newly renewed AMANE RESORT GAHAMA, a luxurious hideaway! This article introduces the charm of an elegant resort stay at AMANE RESORT GAHAMA, as well as highlights from the ocean-view baths to the newly opened restaurant. This is a must-see for those who want an extraordinary and unforgettable stay in Beppu Onsen! Explore this article to discover AMANE RESORT GAHAMA and plan your visit today." Information Affiliate advertisements are used in this service. Courtesy of AMANE RESORT GAHAMA

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Enjoy all that Tokyo Disney Resort® has to offer at the Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay! PR

Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay" is a hotel with easy access to Tokyo Disney Resort®, convenient for enjoying Disneyland and DisneySea. The inside of the hotel is full of fun and excitement! Once you step into the entrance, a space full of excitement and thrills awaits you. Experience a space filled with fun where both adults and children can feel at home. Information Affiliate advertisements are used in this service. Courtesy of Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay

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About a 5 minute walk from the station! Grids Premium Osaka Namba, a stylish hotel that is easy to visit

This article introduces "Grids Premium Osaka Namba". It is a hotel that can be used as a base for sightseeing because it is conveniently located about 5 minutes on foot from the station and has easy access to sightseeing spots! There are plenty of facilities and equipment that allow you to fully enjoy your stay at the hotel, such as spacious guest rooms without dormitory types, a restaurant where you can enjoy a rich breakfast to start your day, and a cafe where you can enjoy a menu using seasonal fruits in an open space. We will dig deeper into the charm of Grids Premium Hotel Osaka Namba! Provided by: Grids Premium Osaka Namba

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9 Recommended Izakayas in Tenjin! Introduction from shops with private rooms to cheap shops

Tenjin, which is known as the downtown area of ​​Fukuoka, is full of recommended izakaya. This time, we will introduce 9 izakayas in Tenjin, from stylish ones with private rooms to cheap ones that offer outstanding value for money. There are plenty of shops where you can enjoy the taste of Kyushu, of course, such as motsunabe and yakitori.

2023/07/31  aumoeditorial department

[Definitive edition] 15 popular Hakata ramen shops! Introducing exquisite dishes recommended by Fukuoka residents

A must-see for those looking for a delicious Hakata ramen shop! In this article, we will introduce 15 popular restaurants in Fukuoka City where you can eat exquisite Hakata ramen! In Fukuoka, there are many famous shops among food stalls and department stores. Please use this article as a reference when you come to Fukuoka!

2023/07/31  aumoeditorial department

34 Famous Foods & Recommended Sightseeing Spots You Can’t Miss When Traveling To Fukuoka

Fukuoka has a lot to offer, from specialty gourmet food to popular sightseeing spots! From among the many must-see spots, we will introduce carefully selected recommended gourmet foods and sightseeing spots that you cannot miss on your trip to Fukuoka. Enjoy Fukuoka's specialties such as motsunabe, Hakata ramen, mentaiko, and mizutaki while visiting popular sightseeing spots!

2023/07/31  aumoeditorial department

[2023] 40 recommended spots for sightseeing in Shizuoka! Carefully selected from standard to hot spot!

Shizuoka Prefecture is easily accessible from both Kanto and Kansai, making it a perfect tourist destination for domestic travel. There are many sightseeing spots rich in nature, including Mt. Fuji, a World Cultural Heritage Site, Atami Onsen, and Shiraito Falls. In this article, we will introduce recommended spots for sightseeing in Shizuoka for driving and day trips. Full of Shizuoka sightseeing information, from classic sightseeing spots to hidden spots that repeat travelers know! Enjoy the charm of Shizuoka that you can only experience in Shizuoka sightseeing!

2023/07/02  aumoeditorial department

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